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Abigail B. Calkin

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International Journal of Educational Research
Calkin, A. B. (2018). Writing on writing.

European Journal of Behavior Analysis

The Behavior Analyst Today
Precision Teaching: The Standard Celeration Charts; pages 207-215

Podcast Interview with Abigail Calkin - Listen to Interview

Frequency Aims, 2012 - View PDF (211k)

Life Beyond Education

Expanding the Chart to Precision Business, Precision Inners, Precision Military and More presentation - View PDF (16 MB)

Behavior Analysis and Inner Behavior

Epilepsy Diagnosis—When My Life Changed presentation - View PDF (1.8 MB)

Inner Behavior & Applied Behavior Analysis presentation - View PDF (1.7 MB)

International Journal of Educational Research
Calkin, A. B. (2018). Writing on writing.

Air National Guard Suicide Prevention Program: Evaluating System-Level Variables Using Applied Behavior Analysis.
Corso, K.A., Meador, J., Kondis, M, Calkin A. B. (2017). Report of NCR Behavioral Health,
LLC, for the U.S. Air National Guard.

The Global War on Terror.
Calkin, A. B. (2015). Behavioral Development Bulletin, 20(2), 133-136.

Changing Thoughts, Feelings, and Urges - View PDF (6.7 MB)

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS)
How did we get into behavior analysis?

European Journal of Behavior Analysis

Always the Back Door
In Holdsambeck & Pennypacker, Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service.

CBT Radio - interview with Abigail Calkin, Ph.D. about Ogden Lindsley
Click here to listen to the interview.

Behavior Analysis and the Military

Behavior Analysis and CBT Approach the Military presentation - View PDF (1.9 MB)

Keep Them Alive. Keep Them Healthy. - View PDF (2.8 MB)

War & PTSD. - View PDF (1.7 MB)

They Served Us - Now We Must Serve Them. - View PDF (2.1 MB)


Tidal Echoes
"Mixed Bouquet of Flowers" (Spring 2019)

"April in America, 1995" (Vol 10, #1, Summer 2019)

Alaska Women Speak
"Seth Wept" (Vol 27, #2, Summer 2019)
Facebook page

Tidal Echoes
"Homage" (April 2018)

The Soul of My Soldier: Reflections of a Military Wife
Special Issue, April 2015: Introduction and 32 poems

Prairie Poetry
"A Gathering of Family" (October 2001)
"Evening" (June 1996)
"One Afternoon" (November 1996)
"Silent Scars" (October 2000)

Anchored in Deep Water: The FisherPoets Anthology. Seven Book Series, 3, Every Boat Has a Wave, 2014. Two excerpts from The Night Orion Fell.

Audio readings

About Abigail B. Calkin

The Lost Art of Pioneering
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